Fight For Free

by cal fish

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Free download comes with the essay "Fight for Free" Which explains what this album is about.


released October 14, 2016



all rights reserved


cal fish New York

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Track Name: The Difficulty of Studying the State
The Difficulty of Studying the State

The memory and melody stay the same,
Independent of some state and the game
I don’t want to play.

My actor’s not on the tv,
It’s the box that has agency over me,
It’s the scheme.

Woah, the State itself is a mask,
One could almost say, the mind of a mindless world,
The left and the right are the wings of the same bird,
Who was taught not to fly
And doesn’t exist,

Nor could I, as I consent,
To the wish, of the bid, in the name,
Of disinterested domination
Track Name: Dick Nixon's Silent Majority Anthem
Oh, Shock and rebirth,
Donald Trump is on my mind, he’s in my time, he’s in my life,

I’ve used strange technologies of communication in my dealings,
and realize now I’ve been left with foreign feelings,
and at times I perceive the atrocities outside of my life,
and then feel sorry for having a nice time,

And out there there’s violence and hate and greedyness and unrest,
While teenagers stare at their fictionalized screens on their white beds,
And would you go back to convince yourself you’d regret it?
And then feel sorry for believing the lie of living a nice life?
Track Name: Let Us B Fine
Let us speak eye to eye, let us be fine,
What are the white men set’n up and down downtown and is it right?
If not than why?
You’ve got to act now because your and actor in everyone else’s life.
And your advantage or dis has been defined.
And yeah it’s been built on lies,
but that doesn’t mean you can’t try and bring down the blinds,
Stand up to other whites and tell them what’s not right.

To let us be fine,
Shouldn’t you work to free colored bodies before you try and free your whit mind?
You can’t play colorblind,
Oppressive algorithms have been in play a long time.
You know what’s right, right?

Track Name: Dakota Access
The last thing we need is a silent majority,
did you deny the Dakota Access Pipeline on-line this morning?

Or were you groped by advertising and illogical association?
The same old broken self, and implied sensation,

America's got it pump'n through their veins
We decide if that stays the same,
The pipeline is a vein of their game,
Who could sit and watch their gain in vain?
Media man, please don't steal my brain,
This pipeline is our genocide today,
Track Name: Where Was Andrew Jackson's Assassin? (2016)
Where was Andrew Jackson’s assassin?
The People all smile when they look down at him,
He made America’s soil salty and sick
The assassin bought a gun but to shoot it made him sick.
Up in outer space you can hear the Trail of Tears,
Lost cries will be traveling for thousands of years.
True aliens were coming, they came and they went,
they saw Andrew Jackson and endlessly wept

Do aliens tell stories of Earth as a hell?
Where people aren’t living but trying to kill?
A heathen, a demon, was elected twice,
helped turn America into Greed’s paradise,
His face stains our money, his lips touch your hands,
America’s injustice covers the land in the form of green greeded paper poison.

The Cherokee footprints aren’t on Google maps,
You can’t know your world through a screen on your lap.
A president led Genocide ignoring his courts,
Team names as compensation in greed fueled sports,
Track Name: 9th Grade Geometry and Occupy Wall Street (2016)
pristine-po-paladine you'll assume my language
a society of assumption and who taught you such cruel things
well everything is funny
so it can be okay
and the things that are lovely just seem to slip away

with these vibrations in our pockets
there's a ringtone in my brain
there's a man on the subway with a daughter miles away
and he's screaming and bleeding from his privileged
spitting blood into his chalice and then pouring it out

on the people in the park
he's painted our clothes with a pale shade of grey that has smothered our rose
but I still feel a ruby, deep beneath a sea
and our souls are getting bigger soon they'll be up above the trees
Track Name: Money Doesn't Exist (2016)
Who values life, and when you go downtown, what do you like?
The internet and human brains are stuck playing computer chess, and believe in a top.

When I’m not stuck staring at this tangle,
I’m stuck staring at this rectangle
that was bought at the apple store for people who are
living without having to know that fruit exists,

Because an upper class exists,
in a socially divided game with rules fixed
by humans obsessed with dominance
and blind led long lost capitalists

I wish we born without fists
I wish we weren’t born into this

Because money doesn’t exist,
and all types of un-needed hunger are caused by it